Can We Do Evangelism?

Posted 8/5/2018

Talk of evangelism can be scary. After all, we don’t want to be pushy. We want to be sensitive to what others believe and feel. But does that mean we must give up on the idea of evangelism altogether?

I don’t think we do have to give up on evangelism because I believe evangelism is, at its heart, mainly our willingness to share what we know about Jesus. It isn’t a matter of trying to convince someone else of the rightness of our doctrines; it is a matter of telling others what Jesus means to us and how Jesus has helped us in our own life. 

Doing this can be scary. After all, what if the other person does get offended by what we say? What if they reject us? What if they decide to never talk to us again?

Those are legitimate concerns; but they are often more a reflection of our fears than of reality. The truth is we live in a society where most are seeking to deeper, richer spirituality. Most people are open to conversations about God and Jesus. 

Furthermore, if we are passionate about our relationship with Jesus, why wouldn’t we share about it much like we would share our other passions? If Jesus has really made a difference in our lives, why wouldn’t we talk about that?

Thinking, and talking, about evangelism may be scary. But when we realize evangelism is simply “one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread” perhaps we can begin to move beyond our fears to sharing the good news about Jesus.