Walk by Faith

Posted 6/17/2018

In the midst of what can often be a uncertain and confusing world, we tend to want certainty. We want to be sure. We want  assurance we are right in what we think and do. This is a normal, human response to the uncertainty that is so much a part of life. Often today, people find this longed for certainty in “doing what seems right for me.” Others find the certainty they long for by simply following along with the crowd.

Yet the Bible invites us to a different kind of response to the uncertainty of our world. It invites us to make a response of faith. The Bible invites us to “walk by faith, not by sight.”

It can be hard to live in a world that seems so uncertain; where we never seem to know what is going to happen next. Yet there is a type of certainty we have by faith. By faith, we have the certainty of God’s presence. By faith, we have the certainty of God’s love revealed in Jesus Christ. By faith, we have the certainty of God’s grace and mercy offered to us through Christ. 

It isn’t the kind of certainty the world seeks. But it is the certainty we can have as Christians. And it is a certainty in which we can live — truly live. It is a certainty that allows us to live in a new and different way — the way God’s Spirit leads us to live.

Walking by faith isn’t an easy way to live in our world. Yet it is the only way in which we really can live with the uncertainty that fills our lives. Only as we trust in Christ can we know the certainty — the assurance — faith gives in the midst of uncertainty.