Thank you, God!

Posted 4/29/2018

In a world where writing thank you notes has become increasingly rare, I’ve begun to understand the importance of such notes. I confess, I don’t remember my parents telling me to write thank you notes when I was a kid. It’s a habit I’ve picked up as an adult. 


Why is a thank you note important? Much as I sometimes struggle to write one, I know that the note causes me to really think about the gift. Not just that someone gave me something; but that they gave me something specific. Writing a note forces me to think about how the gift was an act of caring, an act of sharing.


Stewardship does much the same thing. It makes us pause to consider the gifts we have received from God. It helps make us aware of just how much God cares for us and what all God shares with us. Being a good steward is the Christian’s way of writing a thank you note to God.