Sharing Jesus

Posted 8/19/2018

I find it fairly easy to do things that help others out. Giving money to the food pantry or helping the family that lost their home to a fire doesn’t really stress me out. However, like most Presbyterians, the thoughts of talking to someone about Jesus  is another matter! The truth is, even as a pastor I can sometimes find it hard to share the good news of Jesus.

Yet sharing the good news is so important. In fact, it is essential. The fact is, the only thing we Christians have to offer the world that no one else offers is Jesus. There are lots of other organizations that do “good deeds” and help those in need. But it is only those who follow Jesus who can talk about what Jesus has done and why Jesus matters. 

That’s one reason I find it so helpful for church members to get into the habit of sharing their faith with one another. We need to practice not only noticing where Jesus is at work in our lives, but also ways of speaking about our experiences of Jesus. The truth is, God does far more than we can imagine; that alone makes it hard to find words that are adequate to describe our experience. Yet we need to try to find the words. And we need a safe space to engage in the struggle to find the words. We need Christian friends to help us prepare to share about Jesus.

I encourage each of us to share with one another the ways in which we see Jesus at work in our lives. Then, having had the chance to “practice,” let’s go out to share that good news with our neighbors, family and friends who may not know Jesus.