Seeing Jesus

Posted 4/1/2018

I like the Easter stories of how the disciples DIDN’T recognize Jesus. That may sound strange to you, but I like them for a reason. You see, so often I fail to recognize Jesus and his presence myself. 


Sometimes I fail to recognize Jesus’ presence because I’m expecting him to act in a different way. As an example I may have been praying for Jesus to solve a relationship problem. My expectation, since I think the other person is responsible for the tensions in our relationship, is that Jesus will somehow change them. I may fail to recognize Jesus’ presence for the longest time simply because I refuse to recognize Jesus is asking me to change my attitudes and behaviors.


Sometimes I fail to recognize Jesus because I’m sure how he would “look.” I’m positive Jesus would look like a “good, up-standing, hard-working” person, just like me. As a result, I fail to see Jesus in the unemployed person who is willing to share what little they have with another person who is in even worse financial shape than they are. 


Yep, I’m like those first disciples. I fail to see Jesus and his presence — often until the moment he says my name. But the good news of the gospel stories of the resurrection is Jesus does say our name, or break the bread, or…. Jesus does open our eyes to see him. And then, what joy it is!