Invite a friend

Posted 8/26/2018

Being a witness to Jesus means more than just sharing our own experiences of Jesus — although it starts there. Being a witness eventually leads us to invite our friend to start their own relationship with Jesus. 

Given what most of us have probably experienced as evangelism, this is likely to be a really scary, difficult thing for us to do. Yet, if we are in an ongoing relationship with the person, it doesn’t have to be all that difficult. We simply share how we ourselves have come into a relationship with Jesus and answer any questions that might arise. Perhaps there will even be an opening in the conversation to specifically invite the other person to start a relationship with Jesus. If so, we shouldn’t ignore it.

The one thing that is true of our witnessing to Jesus, from start to finish, is it is done in the context of a relationship. This is as true of our inviting someone to enter into a relationship with Jesus as it is with all the rest of our witness.

But what about inviting our friend to church? Well, once again this needs to happen in the context of our relationship with the other person. If we are inviting our friend to church only to add another body to the membership or to get some more money in the offering plate, our invitation probably won’t be well received. But if we are inviting them to come experience the help and hope we’ve discovered in worship, through the other church programs and in the friendships there— well, that’s a whole other story!

So make a friend, share Jesus with a friend, invite a friend!