Posted 3/11/2018

No doubt we’ve all heard the prayer for patience: “God give me patience, and give it to me right now!” Perhaps we’ve even prayed it ourselves.


While we may laugh at that prayer, the truth is it captures a real truth about us. We are an impatient people who want what we want and want it now.


Israel was an impatient people as well. They chafed against the delays (in their eyes) in arriving at the Promised Land. Surely, if God was going to fulfill his promise it should have happened by now. 


How easy it is for us, like Israel, to become impatient with God for the delays (in our eyes) of the fulfillment of the promises. God has promised to care for us, yet we continue to struggle with paying our bills. God has promised to redeem us, yet we continue to struggle with sin. God has promised Christ will come again, yet it has been 2000 years and no sign of him yet….


The fact is, my impatience with God leads me to complain about (and to) God. It is, at it’s heart a lack of trust in God. And when I admit that this what my impatience truly is, then I can repent, turn to God again in trust and experience once more the redeeming, saving power of God in Christ.