Gospel Riches

Posted 6/3/2018

I’m sure most of us don’t consider ourselves rich. That’s why one of the things that strikes me about the Christians in the New Testament is the fact they considered themselves rich. Certainly, most of them had much less than we do. In fact, many of them probably had very few possessions.

Yet they considered themselves rich! They were rich for one simple reason — they had the gospel. In their eyes, nothing was of more value than knowing Jesus Christ. Nothing was more important than what God had done in Christ.

Living in a world where where we have so much and so many opportunities clamor for our time and attention, I wonder if we aren’t really poorer than those early Christians. Have we forgotten the absolute wonder that God would act to save through the death and resurrection of Jesus? Have we lost the amazement that God’s kingdom is among us right now? Have we lost the sense of the importance — the immeasurable value — of the gospel? 

Those early Christians considered it a privilege to share the gospel. They considered it a privilege to suffer for the gospel. They considered the gospel the most valuable thing in their lives. They were eager to share the gospel riches.

 What about us? How much value do we put on knowing and sharing the gospel?