The Good News

Posted 3/18/2018

There is perhaps nothing in all the gospel that is more precious than Paul’s declaration, “While we still were sinners Christ died for us” (Rom 5:8). While our Lenten journey is one of repentance and renewed obedience, the good news is that this whole journey is rooted in God’s loving forgiveness. It is not a matter that we somehow work up the willpower to live new lives. Rather it is that God’s gift of forgiveness opens our hearts to new gratitude and a new way of living. God’s forgiveness changes us!


That is the good news of the gospel. It isn’t up to me to change myself. Rather, God has given me a new heart in the gift of his forgiveness. My old life, filled with rebellion, sin, guilt and regrets, is no longer — God has both forgiven it and forgotten it. I have a new life in Christ. This is the good news, and the power, that enables us to truly walk the Lenten journey of renewed life — new life in Christ.