God's Amazing Grace

Posted 9/30/2018

God’s grace truly is amazing. God’s grace is seen in Jesus being with us. It is seen in his coming among us and living with us. It is seen in his sharing life with us. But God’s grace is also seen in Jesus being for us. In Jesus taking our side against the powers of sin and death. In Jesus reigning in heaven and praying for us.

In times of difficulty is can be important to remember that in Jesus God has shown us he is both with us and for us. God actively acts to deliver us. To open up a new life for us. To open us up to the abundance God offers us. To redeem us from the floods that sweep over us and free us from the snares that entrap us.

It can be hard at times to remember God is for us. Life seems so difficult, our situation seems to hopeless, the future seems nothing but a dead end. Yet it in the midst of such desperate times that we come to truly know the depths of God’s grace for us. 

I’m not suggesting that God will free us from every negative thing that happens in our lives. Clearly we have been warned that suffering will be a part of our lives, even — especially — as Christians. Yet the wonder is in the midst of our suffering we can know God with us and for us. God on our side — giving us love, strength, endurance, hope.

My prayer is that when life becomes overwhelming, when hope seems far away, when the future seems nothing but a dead end that you too will know the wonder of grace — the wonder of experiencing God both with you and for you.