Posted 5/6/2018

In the church I served before I came here my position was only one-half time. The limited income that provided required me to live on a pretty strict budget, but I learned to be content with what I could afford. However, is also meant any unexpected expense — whether medical or something like a car repair — put a serious strain on my finances. When I had to replace my entire computer system (computer and printer) as well as do a major car repair in a space of about 6 months, I was finding my budget was stretched more than beyond the limit. There just weren’t any more places to cut expenses….

The wonder of this experience was that God provided what I needed. At the times I found myself truly becoming concerned about how I could afford to pay this or that bill, I almost inevitably found myself surprised by a gift from a friend. The gifts weren’t huge amounts; just enough to get me through that month. Every time it happened I was thankful to God for the gift and to my friend for their generosity.

Right before that 6 months will all those extraordinary bills I had a friend whose medical expenses were astronomical. With my half-time salary I surely couldn’t make a dent in her medical bills; but I knew I could do something. I knew her bills were reducing her to a life that had no “extras” in it. It wasn’t much, but for several months I sent her a few dollars with the instructions she was to use it to do something for herself. I discovered even with my limited funds, I could afford to be generous.

Generosity is a part of stewardship; and being generous is something all of us are called to be. The wonder of stewardship is, we really can afford to be generous people!