Posted 8/12/2018

There are days I wish there was a nice neat formula for sharing Jesus with others and inviting them to come to worship. Unfortunately, I know there isn’t any such formula. In fact, a formula is actually the wrong thing.

The truth is, having a real honest friendship with someone is the basis for being able to share the gospel. Talking with a total stranger about Jesus just isn’t likely to have a major impact. In fact, “stranger evangelism” feels a lot like being hit by a “drive-by shooting” — you just happened to be the one in the way.

Evangelism assumes a relationship — a friendship — already exists. And that’s often where the rub comes in. Too many of us tend to not have friends outside our “Christian circle.”

The fact is, especially if you are retired, it is all too easy to limit our friendships to those who agree with us — including those who agree with our Christian faith. That new neighbor down the road who doesn’t go to church; do I really want to go out of my way to get to know him/her? That person who is a member of the auxiliary; do I really want to start a new friendship with her/him? And that young family across the street; what do I really have in common with them?

It is as we become friends and share our lives that we find the openings that allow us to also share about Jesus (and our church). The only way you can “invite a friend” to church is to become a friend!