Posted 3/21/2018

One of my friends would tell of how she would ask her nieces and nephews who would come to her complaining that “it isn’t fair” to show her their “fairness guarantee.” When they would protested they didn’t have such a thing, she would respond, “Life isn’t fair.”


Life isn’t fair. Yet that doesn’t mean God isn’t just. The wonder of the gospel is that God shows his righteousness (justice) by forgiving us “while we were still sinners” (Romans 5:8). God’s word of mercy and grace is spoken to us. Such forgiveness, mercy and grace calls for a response of gratitude and of a forgiving nature on my part. Ultimately, I can forgive, only because I know myself to be forgiven. 


As we walk through the days of Lent — and the days of our lives — may we both know ourselves to be forgiven and be empowered by God’s forgiving, loving Spirit to be those who forgive.