Evil is real

Posted 6/10/2018

Mass shootings, terrorist attacks, violent crimes — the realities of our modern world spark all kinds of responses in us. One response can be that of fear, especially when any of these happen where it begins to feel “close to home.” We feel helpless to stop what is going on around us. Such a response is, in many ways, a natural response; and I certainly don’t want to suggest that there aren’t frightening things happening in our world — and even close to our own homes. 

Another response can be confusion. We find ourselves wondering how in the world can such things be happening? We ask, “How could anyone do such a thing?” We feel like what is happening is so “foreign” — so unlike the world we believe we know.

The truth is, there is real evil in the world; and evil can happen right close up and personal. There is no guarantee that any of us — or anyplace in the world — is exempt for the reality of evil. 

Yet as Christians the other truth we know is Jesus has overcome evil. In Jesus’ death, resurrection and ascension God has created a new thing. In Christ and through the Holy Spirit, God is at work redeeming the world. No matter how bleak the world may seem at this moment, we can always cling to the promise that God’s kingdom WILL come and God’s will WILL be done. For that promise we thank God!