Posted 5/27/2018

Are Christians different than other people around us? Should we be different? If so, how?

Scripture indicates some really surprising ways in which we should be different than the world around us. One of those differences is we shouldn’t be afraid. “Don’t be afraid” is one of the most common commands in Scripture. The command to not fear is usually given when we are confronted with God’s presence. That may be a hard thing for us to understand these days with our tendency toward a casual familiarity with God. Yet the truth is God is holy and majestic; a God of glory. That should inspire what Scripture calls a holy fear (awe) in us.

Yet I think there are a number of other ways in which we as Christians should differ from the world about us in not fearing. Trusting in God to care for us, we shouldn’t fear the future. Trusting in God’s love and grace, we shouldn’t fear judgment. Trusting in God claiming us a God’s own children, we shouldn’t fear what others think of us. Trusting in God’s love and grace, we shouldn’t fear being a grace-filled, loving people ourselves. Trusting in the resurrection, we shouldn’t fear death.

How wonderful it is to hear God’s words, “Don’t be afraid.” How freeing it is — opening us up to living and life. Opening us up to God!