Posted 6/24/2018

I don’t think I know anyone who really likes change. Change disturbs our normal routines, upsets the way we are used to doing things and is, because of those very things, uncomfortable. 

Personally, while I may like the temporary change in routine a vacation brings; I really don’t like having to permanently change my everyday routines and ways of thinking. I’m comfortable the way I am. Besides that, change is scary. There’s no guarantee that any changes I make will be beneficial or “successful.” 

Yet change demands change. The world about us has changed, and that means our old ways no longer work as they once did. New ways of thinking and new behaviors in the world call upon the church to also change our way of thinking and doing.

Now I’m not suggesting we give up the faith that has sustained the church throughout the ages. What I am suggesting is we need to find new ways to speak about our faith — ways that make sense to people today. We need to find new ways to embody our faith, as individuals and churches, that proclaim the good news of God’s redeeming love in a way that matches the needs and challenges people of today face. 

Change invites us to look at what we have — our faith, our Christian qualities, our possessions — and ask how they can show God’s love to our world of today. Change invites us to faith in Jesus Christ, who is able to more than meet the challenges of yesterday, today and tomorrow.